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WINGS has its own personal philosophy that animates its projects and, more generally, its services. This philosophy is based on the concept of unity. WINGS believes that the point of sale should be understood and perceived as a unitary communication tool and not only as an exhibition container. WINGS gives great importance to spatial order in such a way that displays, furnishings and architectural structures form a unicum where, however, the spatial reference points are clear and unequivocal.

WINGS is a streamlined and modern company that sums up the characteristics of an architecture studio and a craft workshop. WINGSWORLDS, that is the worlds of WINGS, represents the compendium of as many workshops of ideas that are a prelude to the creation of real worlds for their customers.

WINGS, with a wealth of experience in the Optics and Jewelery sectors, designs and manufactures furnishings for shops and commercial spaces, particularly for Opticians and Jewelers. WINGS analyzes the project both from the architectural point of view and from the functional point of view, but above all, in terms of marketing and organization of spaces.

WINGS with a wise and calibrated design, through the use of displays, the correct lighting, furniture and other volumes provides the means with which the Optician and the Jeweler achieve their goal. WINGS in this way, realizes the correct positioning on the market of the Optics and Jewelery sales point, favoring commercial and professional success. We therefore invite you to share your expectations with us for the realization of a creative and effective project.

STEP 1. THE FIRST MEETING, THE INTERVIEW AND THE SURVEY - It is of great importance for both the designer and the client. On this occasion the foundations are laid for the future development of the project. It is therefore essential to start well. For the execution of a centered project, it is essential to collect as much information as possible of an organizational and technical nature as well as of a commercial nature. The interview also captures the empathic and creative side of the project to be carried out that will allow for the creation of a communicative environment, thus creating a relationship of understanding between the store manager and his clientele. With the first meeting, even the first impressions are born. Often these determine the future development of the subsequent phases. Where possible, it will be good to carry out an accurate survey of the premises as well as a photographic survey. STEP 2 . THE PRELIMINARY PROJECT OR AVANT PROJECT - The project advance is carried out in order to determine the reference guidelines for the realization of the project itself. Also in this case, the above is true, it is necessary to start well. The detail and quality of the basic project will be determined by the needs of the specific case. Due weight and due attention will be given to each situation. For the realization of the project, WINGS, is equipped with CAD and BIM applications at the top of the market. STEP 3 . PHOTO RENDERING - The photographic rendering serves essentially to create a preview of the realization, but also to receive the input that allows us to perceive on an emotional and sensual level if what is being undertaken is the right path. Notoriously, the best is the enemy of good. Photographic rendering allows us to do things well without falling into the dream trap of the best. This provides us with technology, and we try to make the most of what it offers. Our company is equipped with 3D visualization applications at the top of the market.

STEP 4 . THE ESTIMATE - On the plan of the project, every single group of elements that composes the furniture is identified by a reference number that will be reported in the description of the estimate. It goes without saying that this method implies an unequivocal clarity in the identification of the material object of the future supply and will allow the customer to have a vision of the project contents that will be easy to read even for non-experts. Avant project, budget, planimetric tables and renders, will serve to identify the object of the supply contract. STEP 5 . THE EXECUTIVE PHASE - Following the definition of a supply contract, we will move on to the executive planning phase carried out on several tables, each of which will contain the dedicated design indications. Together the supplies will also start and, at the same time, the various workers will set in motion for the realization of the project in the established times. This coordination is essential in order to guarantee the correct execution of the civil works connected to the project. CONCLUSION All the topics covered in this presentation have the mere purpose of facilitating the reader's comprehension of the complex of phases that follow one another for the realization of a project and do not constitute in any way a commitment on the part of WINGS sas.

WINGS is above all creativity, a door open to all cultures, a very real individual space, the idea that matter can take shape and determine its function. It is the world of lived things that evolves in the concept. It is the ability to be here and now with strength-courage-honesty to make it profitable and sustainable. Lino Busetti Managing Director ad Designer
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It is difficult to soar like an eagle if you work with turkeys.

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Learn the form - become the form - forget the form - find your way.

THE EXPERIENCE OF ESSENTIAL “When breathing arises from the bottom to the top, and then again, when bends from the top to the bottom, by means of these two turn points, you realize”. Shiva, with this Sutra, conveys to Devi the Tantric essence of breathing s unity generated by the conjuction of two experiences connected by two turn points. Thus, by the way, we can configure the unity applied to architecture: crossing over the barriers of the dualistic thought, that makes continuously floating the mind between two opposites against essentiality. In this case essentiality is meant at the origin, i.e. the exhibition of the essence of the language that the architectonic unity uses to communicate to an extremely heterogeneous community. The target is to force the mind to realize and not to intercept imaginary subliminal messages of persuasion. Whenever the message has been realized, whatever it is, free from flawed dualistic concept, you will make the user aware of your essence, and therefore, of your proposal. Lino Busetti WINGS
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